It’s far into the future in the megacity of Rakuen that Lynn, a skilled bounty hunter, decides because of consequences of his past, to turn against this system which forms here.

Her search for a ring containing some very interesting info lead here to a man named Donovan.

“Rakuen’s Blade” is my 2nd animated shortfilm and my graduation film from E-artsup Lyon. As well as overall Co-Directing with my other team mates, I was in charge of Lighting, rendering and Compositing.

This project was made with Maya and Octane render, and Adobe After effect for Compositing.

“Rakuen’s Blade” has been featured on the CgBros Youtube channel !

· Post-Production

rakuen comparatif ville 1 rakuen comparatif ville 2
rakuen comparatif rue 1

· Making-of

· The team

Me ‘aka’ Valentin DUC

Rendering, lighting, and Post-production


Guillaume Legras

Rigging and 3d Animation

Alexis Clement

Modeling and texturing


· With the help of

Alan Reynaud

Characters and city concept art


Anastasia Lihnka

Music and sound design