Kiran is a short story about a young woman named Kiran, living between the wall of the palace of the market town of Mathugard

· The concept

The first goal of this project was to take a first step into the universe of animated movies and the skills connected to it. My learning was focused on 2D animation, compositing, and post production.

Kiran is my 2nd year school project where the basic instruction was to introduce a character in a way we wanted.

· The team

Me ‘aka’ Valentin DUC

I was in charge of rendering and post-production. I also handled the rigging and skinning of the people of the city.

Andréa Gil Laranjo

Andréa was in charge of the artistic direction, she created all the concepts art and drawings related to the project and worked on the textures of the project.

Guillaume Legras

Guillaume kept the project on schedule, he also led the 3D animation on Kiran and the assets setup of the scenes.

Alexis Clement

Alexis focused on the creation of all the 3D assets for the project, from the different versions of Kiran to the smallest jewels.


· Making of